View Full Version : UFC to hold 4 fight cards in just over a months time? (Nov5th to Oct8th)

06-09-2011, 04:26 AM
So im lurking over at MMAjunkies rumour section, getting a good feel for all the fights coming up for the weekend.

I decide to scroll down to see some upcoming cards and the UFC is rumored to be having UFC136(Oct8th), UFC "In England" (Oct 15th), UFC137 (Oct29th), and finally UFC "In Sweden" (Nov5th).

So my question is..

A.)Do people think this is legit.


B.)Who are they going to fill the cards with??

Thats 4 cards in 5 weeks, with little or no fights at all even rumoured. Who is the UFC going fill those cards with? I cant imagine all of them being PPVs, I can see the overseas cards being free and not so "Name heavy'.

I posted this in Noobjack because I wasnt sure if I was getting too ahead of myself lol. I know its still a long time away, but other fights are starting to pop up like GSP/Diaz@137 and Jones/Page, Hughes/Sanchez@135, im just wondering why theres not a single rumour for any of those cards, besides GSP/Diaz which is confirmed.

I think Brian Stann/the winner of Wandy/Leben would be a good headliner for one of those overseas cards.

136 would be a great card to have Cain vs JDS/Carwin and Edgar/Maynard3, I dont exactly know what each fighters recovery time is expected to be though.

One of those cards should be a good choice for Fitch/Penn2 if all goes well.

Wheres Josh Koscheck at? Last I heard he was still recovering from a broken face lol

Kimbo> Rampage
06-09-2011, 05:11 AM
Dont know the anwser to your actual question. But that is great. The more shows the better. Hopefully the cards will be good, the ufc has a lot more talent these days. Cain's hw title will probably be on the line in one of those fights against the jds/carwin winner. GSP isnt fighting diaz until after that if im correct. Anderson and jones will have fought before then. The Edgar-maynard 3rd fight will probably happen then. Aldo will also most likely defend his title in that time.