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10-17-2011, 02:13 PM

[QUOTE]She was recently announced as a nominee for a 2011 Fighters Only World MMA Award (along with MMAjunkie.com and lead staff reporter John Morgan, albeit in separate categories). All winners are determined by a fan vote, and ballots can be cast now through Nov. 25 at WorldMMAAwards.com.

In addition, a television project called "Sweet Submissions" Terrell initially pitched to Rebney as a weekly segment has gained a lot of traction with fans and viewers.

"Ever since the first one it has been well received so we kept on going," Terrell said.

In the educational piece, Terrell and fellow ring girl Jade Bryce demonstrate various submission techniques from beginning to end as Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith narrates. The version featuring the rear-naked choke went viral and eventually ended up on TMZ.

"I'm definitely the man in me and Jade's relationship," Terrell joked. "When it started out I was always the bully."

After some feedback, the pair may be closer to .500 against one another now. It's only fair, right?

"It's really cool because Jade and I get to train jiu-jitsu and it's actually making us even bigger fans of the sport," Terrell said.]

http://mmajunkie.com/news/25691/bellator-ring-girl-mercedes-terrell-making-name-for-herself-in-ascending-promotion.mma ("http://mmajunkie.com/news/25691/bellator-ring-girl-mercedes-terrell-making-name-for-herself-in-ascending-promotion.mma"[/QUOTE)

Ok guys. This subject has probably been posted, but I wanted to give making a thread a try. I enjoy the Bellator product, of course not as much as the UFC, but it is still nice. I also like the sweet submissions piece. What do you guys think of the sweet submissions promos?

Kimbo> Rampage
10-17-2011, 09:37 PM
theres a money shot.

11-17-2011, 10:23 PM
Wow, she shames the UFC's girls.