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12-07-2011, 06:18 AM
Cruz, Faber to coach 'TUF' 15 (http://www.usatoday.com/sports/mma/post/2011-12-06/cruz-faber-to-coach-tuf-15/579772/1)

The Ultimate Fighting Championship on Tuesday announced Faber and bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz as opposing coaches for The Ultimate Fighter's Season 15, which is scheduled to start March 9. The often unfriendly rivals will have the rubber match of their trilogy after the season ends.

TUF 15 will mark the series' debut on FX after seven years on Spike TV. Each year includes two 12-episode seasons.

UFC decided to give Faber another title shot after he defeated Brian Bowles last month. Faber publicly campaigned for a coaching stint on the TV show to promote the upcoming fight with Cruz, who won a close decision against him in July. A former titleholder as a featherweight, Faber beat Cruz when they first fought in 2007.

Season 15 will be the third time that the coaches will be smaller than their proteges. Contracts will be awarded to lightweights and welterweights this time, UFC said.

Including the upcoming season, TUF will have used 170-pounders six times, more than any other weight class. Despite that frequency, none of UFC's top welterweights came from the show after the first season, which produced stars Josh Koscheck and Diego Sanchez.

Well, this will be an interesting season...

I think they should have done 135er's and 145er's though and they still need more talent in those classes.

I think Faber will be a good coach though and I look forward to watching this upcoming season. :)


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12-07-2011, 06:24 AM
This should make for a good season, and I really wondering what the interactions between these two are going to be like. These two genuinely don't like each other, which is legit due to their history. That, on top of the new format they are suppose to be bringing in should make for a great season.