View Full Version : MMA Junkie Live

12-17-2011, 03:48 AM
While watching Star Wars Episode II with my kids a commercial came on for MMA Junkie Live, which is to air in February.

The reason I thought this was pseudo-news worthy was the potential upcoming storm that could occur between Spike, Bellator, MMA Junkie and the UFC. I say potential storm because of Spike utilizing a competitor that is Bellator and creating a show similar to TUF with Bellator, which will be aired on Spike in the future.

The premise of MMA Junkie Live will be news, rumors, fight coverage...etc. Obviously MMA Junkie Live will be covering all things Bellator as well as other MMA promotions. What feelings will this stir in Dana? He could take this personal and look to attack all three.

With that said, we know ZUFFA/UFC/Dana's response to such matters is to ban the credentials of those involved. In this case the bannable company would be that of MMA Junkie. Spike and Bellator probably couldn't care less.

The question is: How could this affect MMA Junkie's press relations with the UFC? I know it really didn't hurt Sherdog much except that they had to buy their tickets and sit outside the press row? Any thoughts?