View Full Version : UFC in 3D

02-05-2012, 09:26 AM
I think this UFC 143 was the first event to be broadcast in 3D. I remember checking when it was first announced but there were no theaters showing it near me so I forgot about it. Fortunately I checked again the day of the event and its playing at my local theater! I was STOKED!!! Tickets were $25. Did any of you go???

I don't think many people knew about this. There was about 20 people there to watch it, which was nice to not be in a crowded movie room. I thought the 3D was really spectacular!!! During the walkouts, it really seems like you are right there standing next to the fighters. The depth during the fight is really cool too. Everything looked waaay more real! watching Roy and Werdum shadow boxing in their locker rooms had me dodging in my seat. My only complaint was I only got to see Arianny once!!! grrrr!!!

I don't think I would go to this for every ppv, as it would probably suck 3 times worse if it were a bunch of boring fights. I'd be interested in getting it for 3D at home though as I have a 3D tv.

I'm also kind of torn between if watching ufc in 3d is better than watching ufc in 2d with real 3D boobies at hooters