View Full Version : Mike Van Arsdale leaves Blackzilians?

07-30-2012, 05:09 PM
Mike Van Arsdale leaves Blackzilians?

Thiago silva in at blackzillians. Mike van arsdale out.

Derek Sparks ‏@DE_rek_XC
Wow...Who's the new head guy there now

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Mario sperry

Lynx ‏@oneandonlylynx
Uhhh any truth to this!?

Mike Van Arsdale ‏@coachvanarsdale
I returned 2 AZ 2 raise my children.I'll be working with the B.Z.'s on an as needed basis.The team will be fine-so will I.

Mike Straka ‏@MikeStraka
Mike told me he was going to AZ to open his own school. Taking over for his old wrestling coach who just retired.

Justin Thiel ‏@JustinThiel
so rashad replaced his wrestling coach with somebody he wrestlef---ked to a decision?

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
No... Silva isn't a wrestling coach. Unrelated developments.

MrTerryWillox ‏@tezzawillox
mike van arsdale out? He was a coach and good friend of evans? What happened there?

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian
Not sure yet... perhaps something to do with Mario Sparry being the guy in charge now

Mike Van Arsdale leaves Blackzilians? - Mixed Martial Arts News (http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/news/414462/Mike-Van-Arsdale-leaves-Blackzilians/)