View Full Version : Jon Jones: "I am the nicest person ever"

Pasha K
09-17-2012, 11:58 AM
The Villain: Jon Jones and Michael Bisping Talk About Embracing the Hate in MMA | MMAWeekly.com (http://www.mmaweekly.com/the-villain-jon-jones-and-michael-bisping-talk-about-embracing-the-hate-in-mma-lebron-james)

I am not going to say I embraced the role of being a villain because I am not, Jones told MMAWeekly.com recently. I am not a villain; I am not a bad person. I pride myself off of inspiring others. For all the people that think I am cocky, its like if you really listen to what I talk about, if you talk to me about fighting you may hear something that is a little arrogant because, right now, I train so hard to not even get hit, let alone talk about rousing a fight.

So it is like I love this sport so much, I own it to myself to think of myself in the highest regard, so I am not going to apologize if I am a little full of myself when it comes to MMA.

I am the nicest person ever to everyone who has ever met me, Jones said. Im the nicest person to people. Every day I walk into Jacksons gym and I hand out boxes of equipment. I order stuff all the time for my teammates and just give it out. I just give it to people. I am like the nicest person ever.

What this fake chicken fail to realize is that real nice people do not have to explain why they are nice. Real nice people do not say "I am nice".

dan the man 67
09-17-2012, 03:52 PM
Geez, when the fuck is this guy going to learn to shut the fuck up? Unbelievable.

Guess what Jon? The vast majority of your fans will never know you on a personal level, let alone even meet you, so as MMA fans, they will come to their own conclusions about you from what is relayed to us through the media. When what comes to me seems to get more and more pathetic every time you open your mouth to the media, you lose more and more fans, and come across as pathetic, at least in my view.