View Full Version : MMA mentioned on Friday Night Fights

02-26-2007, 10:20 AM
On the February 23rd edition of ESPN's always good Friday Night Fights, the host Brian Kenny mentioned MMA. It's the first time I can recall it being mentioned on ESPN, although I don't watch it so much outside of FNF.

After one of the fights it went back to the studio, and Kenny said to Bert Sugar, "[someone's name] was showing his knowledge of MMA there, that's Mixed Martial Arts", and that was about it; Sugar didn't respond to it. It just really surprised me to hear that mentioned on Friday Night Fights, even if it was a very quick sentence.

In any case, it was cool that Brian Kenny would make mention of MMA on Friday Night Fights, when ESPN has traditionally given the sport the middle finger.

Also, if anyone saw Pride's Las Vegas show on Saturday the 24th, at the very end after the final fight, you can see Chris Byrd in the crowd. Kind of cool to see him there. It was just as Dan was about to be interviewed by that idiot N'Sync reject, the camera cuts to the crowd and you can see Chris Byrd front and center plain as day.