View Full Version : K1 World Max Japan results

02-27-2007, 11:33 PM
Here are the results for whoever wants them (altough k1 isnt very popular on here, but i watch it damn it so here they are)

Takayuki Kohiruimaki vs Andy Ologun
WINNER : Andy Ologun (3R Decision 3-0)

WINNER : TATSUJI (3R Decision 3-0)

Hiroki Shishido vs Keiji Ozaki
WINNER : Keiji Ozaki (3R Decision 3-0)

Yoshihiro Sato vs Yasuhito Shirasu
WINNER : Yoshihiro Sato (3R Decision 3-0)

Kazuya Yasuhiro vs TATSUJI ( Semi Final)
WINNER : TATSUJI (3R Decision 3-0)

Keiji Ozaki vs Yoshihiro Sato (Semi Final)
WINNER : Yoshihiro Sato (3R Decision 3-0)

TATSUJI vs Yoshihiro Sato (Final)
WINNER : Yoshihiro Sato (1R 2'25" KO)

(Super fight) Buakaw Por. Pramuk vs Tsogto "SHINOBU" Amara
WINNER : Buakaw Por. Pramuk (3R Decision 3-0)

(Super fight) Albert Kraus vs Murat Direkci
WINNER : Murat Direkci (1R 1'27" KO)

Andy ologun beat Kohiriumaki who was the favourite to win the japan stage but he got injured so he was replaced by Kazuya Yasuhiro.
Yoshihiro Sato was the predictable winner in the end and i believe he would have beat Kohi too (dont know why he was favourite)

In the super fights buakaw won as expected but Albert Kraus lost suprisingly.
I know the japanese stage hasnt mattered since buakaw and Sower started to dominate but there are still many great japanese fighters such as Sato, Masato and Kohiriumaki etc who can upset anyone on their day