View Full Version : 2-Hours of Boxing Video Content - Part I

03-28-2007, 03:05 AM
FightBeat has put up over 2 hours of it's favorite videos for your viewing pleasure. So if you're bored you can watch:

* Hoya vs Mayweather Press Conference - NYC
* Sugar Ray Robinson Tribute
* Hatton vs Figueroa Sparring
* Mitch "Blood" Green talks about his Harlem Brawl with Mike Tyson. He also does a few magic tricks in front of the camera. - Funny as hell
*Interview with Cornelius Boza Edwards - helps train Samuel Peter and former WBC Jr. Lightweight Champion
*The Laws of Physics (Jones vs Ruiz)
*Elvir Muriqi Pad Workout - He's fighting Tarver in April
*Bernard Dunne vs Nate Campbell (sparring session) these guys showed some bad blood
*Self Defense Tips
* Antonio Tarver Lays down the law (Tarver explodes at Hopkins)
* Manny Pacquiao Sparring
* Tarver vs Hopkins - Expert Predictions
* Roseland Ballroom (Remix)
* Melinda "Too Cute" Woody in action in TN


Enjoy and thanks for stopping by