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  1. thank you brother, you still are my fave mod even if you never answer my PMs
  2. thanks for the rep my main man who i don't always see eye to eye with! what do u think about joe rogan seemingly hugging overeem's nuts?
  3. okay no infractions because i called him being full of shit and then i said im not gonna make him cry! he called me names tho, so infarct HIM !!!
  4. yo! i thought so cause i messaged you about that infraction - flaming and never got a response so i figured i fell out of your favor lol
  5. lmao bro nothing better than starting my morning with some roaddawg funnyness thx lol
  6. haha no not orthodox, i'm secular but i am somewhat observant and that is one of the most important things, not spelling G-d's name
  7. sarcasm + idiot = misinterpretation. EL OH F-ING EL
  8. thx for the rep, i got some good pwnage here and there :P
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