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  1. Hurt my feelings is obviously not an accurate statement but I think the way you talked down to me and publicly outed me was out of line, especially compared to some other posters and their type of content they bring to these boards.

    On the topic of Anderson Silva I get a little bat shit and speak in hyperboles a lot but I never bait or troll anyone. Like I said in that other post, my definition of a nut hugger is someone that just 100% defends a fighter and never strays away from unwavering support in every situation. Maybe using fanboy is more politically correct but when I point out flaws in Anderson and someone replies with "you don't think AS is #1 p4p so none of your comments about him matter" is just a complete joke.

    I do think I make more good posts then I do bad ones and I like to think of myself as unbiased towards any fighter but I will try to be more constructive and less shit flinging when it comes to the topic of Anderson Silva.
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