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  1. Sometimes I ask myself if you have! It is dark here. The truth hurts.
  2. I think I have been starting to see a lot of things the way you do in our MMA world. Everytime I come to a realization, I feel like it's something you've already said in the past. It's all driving me batshit crazy!!!

    Oh, the madness...
  3. Bahahaha. Housefly is a perfect description. Buzz, buzz, buzz... SPUH-LAT!
  4. I wanted to rep you for your opinion on this whole Jon Jones ordeal. Relieved to know that i'm not crazy for feeling how I do about it.
  5. Thanks a lot for the rep, Riv. I feel like I received a golden star in the rare times I get rep from you, haha. All ass-kissing aside, your burns/rips inspire me brother!
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