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  1. "you still havent given up on me?"
  2. lol thanks for the comment about my pup. That was him a few months ago (age 1). Pure bred Italian Mastiff
  3. much appreciated dude, sames goes to you as well. MMAnews wants me to spread some love to other guys are here first.
  4. I owe you some rep, once I can give some out to you again.
  5. your last rep put me over the 1500 i get a cool colour now too? If so i want i even get a choice? lol
  6. your awesome too. haha
  7. haha i wanted to add one of Bigfoot in full mount smashing fedor with hammer fists but couldnt find one. I dont get his hate for dana/chael (and others but mainly them). I wanted to rep you but i need to give some out to others first. Hope all is well dude.
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