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  1. well post more damn it!!! LOL
  2. Where the hell have you been?
  3. No bro not a mod. The Blue means over 6000 rep now and we gget the UFC belt

    Glad to see you remeber your password though LOL
  4. Hey bro....yeah I've been lurking here and there. I need to start posting more. I've been trying to find a job. I was recently laid off. So you're a mod now bro ? congrats.
  5. I see you lurking whats up buddy
  6. whats up dude. I see you in that Chael thread, that dumbass in there starting shit with everyone is a huge troll
  7. Not much my man....Looks like UFC 133 might end up on free tv with Davis out and no good name replacements. I'm sure the UFC will put someone like Brilz in there now and we'll still being paying for it. I still say Rich vs. LiL Nog will end up main eventing. Hope all is good with you.
  8. What up dude
  9. Thanks for the heads up bud!...I always read your stuff.
  10. BJ v Jon breakdown is up man
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