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  1. It was a great night of fight's along with a good weekend. Carwin should have let Brock stand up when he started blocking all of his punches......but hey you can't blame the guy for going for it. I honestly really see Carwin winning a rematch. He won't make the same mistake twice by punching himself out.
  2. Hey bro whats up man? Damn that Brock v Carwin fight had my heart beating bro. Shane was soo close to ending it. Brock was great in the win though, he did not talk shit at all. he earned some respect from me for that> what did you think?
  3. I was more kinda of shocked at what I seeing happen right in front of me. It was the same feeling I had when Mike Tyson was dropped by Buster Douglas. Holy shit this is the first time he has ever been knocked down in his career,then it was over!!
    I have said in the past Werdum posed a greater threat to Fedor than Overeem. ......on a side note I'm kinda of sick of all these I told you so posts when fighter x loses to y. Whatever it's the internet,it's what we're gonna have to expect these days.....unfortunately they're here to stay it seems.
  4. What did you think about Fedor, BRO

    Check out my brekdown on Brock v carwin let me know what you think...good or bad lol
  5. You hear it all the time from fighters, but for real the weight cut process sucks, it is all mental. I went to sleep after the fight and stayed asleep for like 10 hours. Just needed a mental break you know
  6. Dude congrats on you're fight. I read on someone else's page you were 10-2,now 11-2!! Sweet bro!! I can only imagine what that mental grind is like training and cutting weight.

    I hope you are to continue to do what you love,but hey if not you went out on top.
  7. I'm doing pretty good bro. How about yourself ?
  8. hey bro whats up
  9. no worries bro. You get me all the time. I just happened to be online alot today,so I was able to get you back pretty quick.
  10. Damn this rep thing, I will rep when it lets me is pissing me off lol
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