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  1. In the Sakara thread. I was late to the party and Kevo filled me on the rules of the thread lol.
  2. Replied to the post. I actually think Okami should just skip everyone for the title shot but I doubt that will happen.
  3. Check the responce in the Vitor thread I really think this is the most fair way
  4. Thanks for the post in my breakdown thread man....we have this talk several times lol, cant wait for the fight
    see ya around here
  5. Hey man in the hall of fame thread I commented on your post. I would really like to see you thoughts.
  6. I have no idea man. But there seems to be a small epidemic going on. Hopefully they either smarten up or just get bored.
  7. Man these people wont let it go...we covered the angles and then they want to spout off. When did we on here get these sherdog rejects????
  8. Thanks man. Same goes for you too. I owe you some rep when I get a chance.
  9. I like debating with you bro. You bring facts to the table, and I like that. I will rep as soon as it lets me
  10. Hey thanks for the information.
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