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  1. Man I would love to move. Alas it's not in the cards. I have a joint custody arrangement with the ex now so I'm firmly rooted here. My girlfriend likes to travel though so if I'm ever your way I'd love to meet up. You could choke me out. ;-) I'm heading to NOLA and Vegas in the next couple months!
  2. What you up to buddy?
  3. Is the Cyclops was right a new comic? I love the X men, but haven't been in tune with them for probably 17 years.
  4. In hindsight I understand your intent. I also see that you understand your mistake. Feeling wrong for it and admitting it to the world show how strong of a man you really are. Kudos
  5. Dispose, did you get my PM? What did you think about walking dead?
  6. I want to see a new thread called (something like) the great, great story of redemption of the (non disposable) phoenix!
  7. Don't be afraid to get help. I had to get help as well.
  8. it aint easy being green.
  9. Whats up Green brother? Congrats.
  10. 51 rep to go! I'm jacked for any mma card. But Ronda is def one of those I look forward to a lot.
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