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  1. Gonna be down in Jax in late June (I believe) you still down to hang? Kevo said he might be down to meet up with us (recently mentioned in random rants). Hopefully there will be a ufc card or something we could go watch.
  2. Your St. Patty's pic beats mine. Would have messaged you back in the rep column but I have to pass some around first. I have Irish in my blood but not major. I'm a mutt.

    Anyway, I got trrraaaaaashed last night, buddy. Woke up still kind of drunk at 5 in the morning to go to work (where I park cars for valet).
  3. Thanks! I will be down in Jax this summer. Hopefully there will be a fight or something we could meet up and go watch. I will buy the first couple of rounds. If you have any Army questions PM me. Good luck, Brother.
  4. Thanks, Miz. You've always given me good advice, from using the waterfall sounds to put my newborn to sleep to everything else, man. I appreciate it. You're a good friend of mine on here. Hope everything is well for you and your family. Don't forget to let me know if you're planning on coming to jax in the summer still.
  5. Meant to type metal in the rep bar. Damn phone posting.
  6. Thanks! I am pumped about the boy. Would have been thrilled with either, but secretly rooted for it to be a little man!
  7. CONGRATS, BROTHER!! I am happy for you that it's a boy!

  8. You must be proud of Rousey right now!
  9. Hey man, I was just wondering what grade and subject you teach?? That's pretty cool, haha. Oh and BTW, your advice with the sounds of waterfalls and rain to put my baby to sleep has worked wonders on multiple nights, i've been meaning to thank you, haha.
  10. Thanks for the rep. Learning to hunt is easy. Check out your states conservation web site. Buy a tag. Take a gun, bow, spear, or hands to some conservation land. Then kill something.
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