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  1. Can't wait. Finally got some UFC action. My missouri tigers are getting there asses kicked How did your boys do at their football game?
  2. I haven't been out to the woods yet, except to cut some hickory for my smoker. I hope to get out and bow hunt a few times. Then I hope to get out and gun hunt some. I have two little kids, season mu football tickets, help coach bball for 8th grade, and I do BJJ. Hopefully I can find the time to hunt!!! Good luck to you.
  3. if the old Vera shows up it could be one heck of a fight. If the later shows up congrates to Rua on his title shot he will get.
  4. You watching Silva vs Frankilin tonight? Can't justify buying it. It should be a free card.
  5. Whats up ready for the fights tonight
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