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  1. Hey bro...good to hear from ya...I pop in occasionally, but don't post a whole lot now...I'm kinda tied up on another forum now.
  2. I see you. you have not been around much
  3. your up in the draft bud
  4. I see you lurking here.
  5. I see you POST something... SMASH
  6. Hey bro good to hear from you...summer is crazy busy and I'm really only in here 10 minutes a day to get updates...I'm starting to get back into a semi- decent I should be posting more regularly again.
  7. good bro, Tell one of them little Cuban hotties, that I am coming as soon as the US lifts the embargo...

    Have a blast bro, until you leave I better start seeing some damn post or it is coming, yeah thats right

  8. I'm back baby!!! Well until Friday, then I'm off to Cuba for a week's vacation...then I'm back baby!!!
    How's everything going there?
  9. Jake vs GSP breakdown is up
  10. lol...I am posting quite a bit in the hockey threads....I am Canadian and all and it's playoff
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