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  1. hey bro post something...LOL stop lurking damnit
  2. What's up buddy? All is good. I've been pretty busy coaching my son's hockey, and year end tournaments and such. I'll be back strong though!!
  3. What up bud? where you been
  4. LOL.....I know eh? Very mean, and that is soooo shocking, 'cause mean just ain't me!!!
  5. Damn that was just a mean rep comment..... LOL. I am coming back and will rep when it lets me bro

    Damn I almost forgot you are getting smashed tonight
  6. Nicely played my friend, nicely played.
  7. Server busy thread has something for you also
  8. BJ v Jon Breakdown is up bro
  9. lol.....I thought you'd might like that move......the opportunity presented itself so
  10. Everything is good at this end's things with you?
    Pretty stoked for the card this Sat!!!!
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