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  1. Dude, classic shit in the Melvin thread!!
  2. page 7 of the Melvin thread if you want some funny sh&t
  3. Hey bro that sideways 8 looks good man...
  4. Hmmmm...not so good at the pick 'ems again...I need to stop telling everyone I am going to do good...anyways..hit the sideways 8 on rep yesterday...thanks for all your support.
  5. Dude, just getting ready to "kickass" in the pick 'ems Saturday. How ya been?
  6. What up PIMP?
  7. Thanks again for the rep dude....posting here is one of the few things that keep my sanity...this place is like medicine for
  8. Thanks for all the new articles brother!!!!!!!!!
    I will hit you up with some rep when it lets me
  9. What's up my man? How were the holidays?? All good at this end. Thanks again for the continued support.
  10. What up bro
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