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  1. Happy new year
  2. For years, German fighters have travelled abroad to showcase their skills. Now, Germany has finally got its own top-level MMA Label: Gorilla Fight Events! The Mannheim based promoter team is hosting its second show on April 5th 2008 in the Multihalle Herzogenried Park in Mannheim with more than 10 international MMA bouts. Is this still around you think?

    I also sent you are friend request so it easier to share if I find any other events in Germany.

    Talk to you soon
  3. I'm in Ramstein. Nothing i've heard of so far, I know in 2010 the UFC is going to a lot of 'foreign' places like Abu Dhabi, Australia, and possibly Brazil, so hopefully we'll be able to get another event here in Koln.
  4. I am in Garmisch Germany. Do you know of any MMA events in Germany? I was at UFC 99 in Koln. but since then I have not found any mma events, any ideas?
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