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  1. Welcome back will
  2. i bash them cuz i dont like how guys like that bump and grind wins out of other guys. dont get me wrong, i love bones, garcia, lister, irvin and frankie. its just the wrestlers i hate.
  3. Hey Bro dont sweat that anti american bullshit. Be proud of where you are from. Just dont bash all american fighters like Randy and you will be
    ethier way glad to see you back and I owe you rep for the Machida translation and find
  4. thanks bro. but i dont know if its too good to be back. i come here to have some fun and talk to others about mma and i gotta deal with people calling me anti-american and others banning me for posting a gazillion news here. if i wanted to be angry or stressed i would go back to work or deal with family bullshit.
  5. welcome back bro
  6. Thanks for the rep in my JDS thread man
  7. ^^^
  8. Happy New year Will
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