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  1. of course man you got it!
  2. Thanks for the backup in the Jones thread
    I owe you some rep when it lets me
  3. Thanks brother t
  4. I just picked you as my target today I guess...I hit you with the "daley shot" in the cuddles v gina thread and in Knowledges pocast thread.

    All in fun bro
  5. lol Kid the below poster was unhappy with you huh?
  6. your point sucked :P
  7. i know i didn't have to asshole. i wanted to
  8. LOL I was JK with you. you did not have to go to the thread...but thanks
  9. What you got no love for my breakdown thread....I thought we were cool....atleast say it sucked or respond.

    Ure still the cool lol
  10. haha daley shot!!!!! you coined it man!
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