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  1. Did Jonny Hustle forget his password to We can get it for you...I think. You left and now I am the only one wearing the TapouT gear while on the CPU

    For real make some damn post bro!!!!!!!
  2. Everything good on your end? I have not seen a post in a little while. See ya around here bro
  3. Doing well! how are you doing? where are you now? still over seas?

    Whats been going on bro??
  5. Great job on the podcast bro keep it up
  6. Check out my Anderson v Chael breakdown...let me know what you think
  7. Congrats brother! nice. That's how you finish. Great job.
  8. I thought I put the info about my fight in a rep for you.
    Anyway I won. He landed a striaght right in the first. He won RD 1. In RD 2 I clipped him and finished him off with GnP
    I won by TKO rd 2
  9. I did I can't seem to find what what you mean brother
  10. hey bro check your rep screen
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