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  1. I really wish you luck my brother! Where's the fight? I wish I had known before the podcast I would have given you a shout out. Your last fight. This is big my friend. Win brother.
  2. My last fight is SAT. I think you are a friend on here so I wanted to share.
    I think this is my last fight this cut from 210 to 185 has hurt more than ever. I almost just want it over....LOL after Sat I dont think my mind is right anymore you know? I will still trian and workout just not fight. I am going to call it quits at 10 and 2. Those 2 loses hurt but what can you do? I hope it ends 11-2. I will shoot you a message on Sun and let you know how it went.

    And I responded in your podcast thread
  3. Thanks for saying my breakdown was good bro...i can wait for the fight
  4. Yeah I am. Chuck looks good. I hope this ppv is better than I feel it is lol. Are you excited for it?
  5. can't wait brother! Having a big party that day.
  6. Thanks for the rep bro
  7. yeah, very excited. I think Lyoto and Shogun will both try to finish this fight so it should be very interesting
  8. thanks brother. how are things
  9. Well thought out posts in all the Tito threads. Good job
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