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  1. Yeh, lost the Fitch/Silva bet with Masscore. Need to get into the win column
  2. I won't be able to live post tonight until the fights are over, b/c I am having company. I am smoking some pork shoulders and chicken. I wish you guys could come b/c I will have enough for about 30 people and probably 5 will show up, oh well, leftovers. I hope belcher wins as well.
  3. Hey man, good to hear from ya. I'm definitely pumped for the fights tomorrow! You watching them live? I might make tomorrow the first time I watch the fights and do the live posting here. (Though if Belcher loses I'm just going to cry until my computer breaks from water damage)
  4. Not me, just Alan Belcher doing his best "me impression" (ok, just Alan Belcher being nutty).
  5. Good to have you as a friend. Is that you in your av?
  6. Thanks man, good to have you as a friend here.
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