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  1. y2jwhatever? lol, dude, it's right there, you can even copy and paste if you can't read and/or type. Can you get off my nuts already? I know I got a cute pic and all but dayum!
  2. Don't know if I got neg'd or not. I see they closed it, if they hadn't I would have been banned probably.
    Great cause? WTF? A pre-school fundraiser. What are they buying, a fuckin swingset?

    If it had been a cancer or homeless thing, I wouldn't have said shit. Pre-school is a private school. Do you see private schools in the ghetto? I'm just sayin. Not a "great cause". The guy mislead me in the title. I've had my ass ripped for spelling Silva like Sylva! That post got me called noob cuz they said it didn't belong in the "general mma forum"! Like this does? Shit, I fuckin thought Dana died or UFC went bankrupt the way the title looked.
    What the fuck is pre-school anyway? It's a daycare. A babysitter. I went. I was unimpressed with my preschool's performance.
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