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  1. I generally never have a problem with you man. Nor do I usually even disagree with a lot of what you say. This time however you took a joke wrong. Then you went on a nationalistic tirade about education. I felt it was very insulting. I went off on you and I said things in anger. I still stand by my opinion and I am still insulted. I do however apologize for resulting to petty name calling. It is uncharacteristic of me.
  2. You're welcome my man. Rep received is rep earned. Glad to be back around. Spent some months partying and enjoying the single life. I've calmed back down now. So I'll be around a lot again. I love you guys! Y'all are like family to me.
  3. thanks for the rep brotha, good see you are back around the boards.
  4. i see you hanging around the Cruz thread, whats your take on that situation? Career over or he will be back?
  5. top 5 right now; Jones, sonnen, GSP, Nick Diaz, BJ Penn + Rampage (tie for that one)

    Basically anyone who talks shit and backs it up i like. It allowes you to mentally beat an opponent before you even step foot in the cage. It was like when tyson would mentally break fighters before he stepped in the ring (also a huge Tyson fan).

    Also a fan of Tito, Chuck, Hughes, Wandy (all the old guys that made this sport what it is today)

    I was curious about the Matt brown choice. The dude is a scrapper and not taking anything away from him, thats just a name you dont see in ppls top 5 all the time. A guy liek that for me is Mark Hominick. I got a few buddies that go up to london and train with stout and hominick all the time so whenever they fight im always hoping they can pull off the win
  6. yeah prior to the UFC that never happened, i didnt give bones too much shit. after that however i was BRUTAL. i find it hilarious though that you seem to just as big a fan of sonnen. i like chael alot myself. of course i "get" his shtick as most don't. i also enjoy his style. you sir have broad tastes. i respect that. i'm curious as to what other fighters you like.

    my top five is:

    chris leben
    matt brown
    chael sonnen
    ben henderson
    lyoto machida
  7. haha i figured the screen name would get me some heat on hear since i joined just after he ducked chael the first time lol. Once again thanks for the positive words, i plan on sticking around. I love mma and to be honest you guys are the only froum i go to to talk mma...i tryed others and it was beyond brutal to listen to some of the things people would say
  8. No problem dude. I may not care for your screen name but I meant what I said you are a good poster. Stick around.
  9. thanks for the positive words in the aldo/edgar thread dude.
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