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  1. of course sir. palma comes up with more bs stories about fighters he claims to know than anyone i've ever seen on this forum, but when i say i received a black belt under Pablo Popovitch at age 19 after being involved in the discipline since i was 7(and sent him every bit of proof i had...he needs to read the international bjj federation rules and regulations)...suddenly no one on this planet can get a black belt that early, which is a lie, but he also has NO CLUE who Pablo Popovitch is. it's entertaining.

    i also had no idea how many people kiss the mod's asses on this forum as well thinking they'll get ahead. lol. i can't stand nearly 2/3 of them because they seem like nerds on a power trip because of their past.

    anyways, enough of my fun...nice jon fitch icon.
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