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  1. Yeah man that's the one.
  2. I had Maia and you had grove right?
  3. which fight did i sig beat you on....i cant remeber LOL
  4. Hey mate we're on for the sig bet - high stakes!!!
  5. Your right. How can we get that facebook page to stop drawing people in here? Got it, we just get MMANEWS to stop using Facebook, or we just deal with it I guess. I knew Facebook sucked for some reason and now I have it, it is the desruction of this site.
  6. Dude I've figured it out - ever since News went on facebook we've been infested by stupid. Sell your soul to the devil and in return he gives you lemons.
  7. Jesus H Christ - nice heads up I hadn't seen that. It's starting to get to the point that those of us with an IQ over 60 will have to start dishing out some verbal destruction before the lunatics completely over run the asylum.
  8. He bro you want to see sherdogish at its best look in the Noons talk Cyborg thread at Jumbos post or I quoted it the last post in the thread is mine LOL this guy is a real tool
  9. I hear you - it's a worrying trend - where the hell is rh when ya need him.
  10. Tried to rep i have to wait.

    It has got a lot like Sherdog going on here. I hope the mods can fix it....we are being over run with dumbass comments latley
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