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  1. I love how I type 5 or 6 lines and it spawns 50 lines of nonsense in return. Haters gonna hate, and then pretend they ain't.
  2. dude its really getting old and out of hand already with the trolls in every single BJ thread... seriously
  3. Mahalo for the rep
  4. Please come in the GSP would consider retiring after beating Silva if considered P4P Champ thread and explains to these dumbasses what p4p really is
  5. good posts on that best fighter thread
  6. I guess its personal attack on people who dont think fedor is god day huh... I can tell by the comment down there that you Fedor nuthuggers stay close...

    All I said was there is better competition out there than the people he has defeated.

    I guess since you've been on this board longer than me you must know way more about MMA, since rep determines actual knowledge and not how many people are in the I LOVE FEDOR circle jerk with you.
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