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  1. That's awesome. I met Piper last year at a wrestling convention and he was one of the most genuine celebrities I've ever met. He's got brilliant wrestling psychology and has some amazing stories. Really cool your dad knew him back in the day, from what I've heard, Piper had some rough teen years. Thanks for the info.
  2. just noticed your piper av, funny story, my dad grew up with him, piper was the guy who got cut from all the sports teams or never got playing time because he was terrible at sports, in highschool he got into the local pro wrestling circut and he would get my dad and all his friends to show up and boo him because he played the bad guy, he encouraged them to come and throw popcorn and shit at him and would even pretend to get in fights with them in the crowd. anyways he was always a fav of mine.
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