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  1. Thanks alot, I appreciate the info! Don't know how interested you are in catch wrestling, shooters and hookers etc, but Billy Robinson's autobiography is really cool and Snowden's book "Shooters" is pretty great as well, alot of cool stuff on the formation of the Japanese MMA scene, Gracies, Sakurbaba and the roots of MMA. Not a big Meltzer fan myself however...
  2. Hey, a couple weeks back in one of the HOF discussions you mentioned included Karl Gotch and other shooters of the day. Not sure if you listen to Sherdog Radio but this past Sunday, Jack encarnacao had an extended interview with british catch wrestler turned pro wrestler Billy Robinson, it's worth checking out. Jack checks in with Dave Meltzer as well and they do a nice lead in to the Robinson interview describing that era. Thought you might be interested.
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