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  1. Hey check out my post in the athiesm post.

    Funny stuff how hard they push not to be labelled.

    I have your base program done.
    We gotta touch base on diet and cardio

    Much love bro.

  2. Ideally I was to get stronger and more muscular in preperation for a cut of atleast 60 pounds of fat.

    My bodyfat is at about 31% from one of those hand held readers so it's probably a bit higher. I'm pretty muscular all of my body I just have a big italian belly.

    I hate running and all that bullshit going to supplement my routine with like Muay Thai as cardio.
  3. Hey im gonna be spendin most of the weekend on my dock with the boys..what do u want to accomplish from your regimen? strength? size? speed? is it sports related?
    I can lay the goundwork this weekend if u clear up some of these questions..H.
  4. That's awesome man I appreciate the offer a lot. I'm in.
  5. When i get back from being with my boys and get my head unspun ill help you with whatever you wanna accomplish but you gotta stick to plan..
    thats the key. my plan aint no good if you dont follow it.
    Think of it as what happens when fighters have a great gamplan and fuck around and do things that arent in the gameplan.

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