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  1. The U has some hot cheerleaders have you hit them up yet....if not then get off the CPU and get down there
  2. I figure you got some good match ups there. Glad works over for you. Get home safe!
  3. The Fuckeyes of Ohio St. I have a deep seeded hatred of them. More so then the Gators. And I can't stand UF.
  4. haha yea, I'm stuck at work for a solid 13 hours, so I'm just passing the time.
  5. Haha I can't stand any SEC teams. But I'm stoked football is back!
  6. Not much dude, just finishing up some work at the office. How you been big dog?
  7. Cool as the other side of the pillow
  8. Not you homie, but 4 or 5 other guys.
  9. No problem bro, I got your back
  10. What did I think of it? It was like the day I was told Santa Clause wasn't real. And now I have to rank Lesnar over him. That broke my heart a little bit.
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