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  1. Check the responce to the post I rep'ed...I think we can pull it off what about you
  2. For real dude, I think the mods need to remind everyone, especially the noobs to the site.
  3. Yea, that guy sucks anyway.
  4. Haha thanks dude, that took me 3 minutes to write.
  5. LOL @ Melvin thread Page 7 is great that shit is funny
  6. Rock on dude
  7. LOL at the thread I owe you some rep bud. LOL
  8. Hey Kevo,
    Can you go into the Clay vs Pettis thread. I asked a question on page 2 that I really dont know the answer for. Can you give it a shot since, I do respect your answers.
  9. You are the coolest kid on the block
  10. You da man. Keepin sht regulated on here.
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