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  1. Well i gues my picks below were way off huh? lol
  2. What up man? are you stoked for Sat SF card?
    I got Hendo

    and you sir
  3. lol. Yeah sorry. It's good. Pumped for UFC 112 this weekend. Going to get hammered for sure!. How about you?
  4. Hey man you gonna answer me this time? lol.. How is it going?
  5. What up Bro, big plans for the weekend?
  6. Your right we will see. AO is good but I think he id way overrated.....I could be wrong.

    He is a GREAT striker and stranger things have happened. I guess we will have to wait and see
  7. I think it's possible! I don't know though. I'd love to see all those fights if it were possible. He would handle Mir, Lesnar, and Velasquez. I think he would lose to Dos Santos and I have no idea who i'd pick between Carwin and AO... I think things are going to get VERY interesting in the HW division soon with all these big fights coming up. Mir v Carwin, Nog v Velasquez, JDS v Gonzaga. All this fights will show who is overrated and who is not! So we'll find out if I'm wrong within the next month or so. lol
  8. Do you truley think AO can take Carwin Mir Cain Nog Brock Dos Santos and the other good UFC HW?

    All but Dos Santos take him down and sub or Gnp AO out IMO>and Dos Santos I think can strike with him. Just asking no disrespect meant
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