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  1. I`m just an avid fan. I know my stuff from watching closey over the years as the sport has grown. I don`t really claim to ``know`` a lot. But I know the fighters, I know the business, and I have a lot of respect for everything involved. It really bothers me when people like that say things to that effect because i`ve invested myself so much into this thing from the beginning that I feel like a part of it.
  2. Agreed. Not enough respect for the sport. I hate that. Probably the toughest sport in the world and it's getting compared to Pro Wrestling. That is insulting to people who are madly in love with the sport like us. lol. I don't know about you but MMA is my obsession right now. Growing up I played on all the sports teams but I never ended up doing any TMA because I had a bad experience at a fragile age when I tried going to a TKD class. I never had real passion for any of the sports I played it was mostly for fun and being able to compete against other people. Then I started watching MMA like a couple of years ago and I'm very passionate about it. Never watched boxing. Been doing standup for about a year now and I just need to start going to JJ classes but I understand submissions pretty well from a technical standpoint. You're a smart man. Racking up the rep like there is no tomorrow. What is your story? I read all your posts and you definitely know your shit.
  3. its people like him who keep this sport from toronto and other big cities. just in it for the blood, and yet calls me out for liking it for the violence. what a joke he is.
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