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  1. Yeah its been a while. Just really f'in busy at home and work now a days. Just not the same amount of time on the net as I used to have. Tryin though. I tried repping you back to but It wont let me again. Ill catch up.
  2. Im back! Sorry I didnt get back to you earlier, had a very busy month
  3. what are you doing bro, Check out the mma payouts mma media rankings thread and input some thing A$$hole j/k LOL
  4. check my brock vs Cain thread
  5. lol let me check it out
  6. We have a Troll in the Carwin thread....I am done tag your in!!!!!!
  7. You got it.
  8. Check my can Aldo make a rin thread and let me know what you think bro
  9. Whats up there buddy, guess you are busy at work.
  10. Hey bud, we might not agree with everything, but for the most part as men we can appreciate each others views. Thats what it is about. Keep up the good work and thanks for the rep.
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