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  1. Listen, you need to back up or get out. I don't care which one it is. You make a habit of commenting in threads you think are lame instead of avoiding them, then getting butthurt when called out on it. The you make moronic, adolescent comments about people getting beat up in school. At least try to be more creative when you attack people and quit using weak ass bullshit that little keyboard trolls like yourself have been using on the internet for years. Be original if your going to attack me at least.
  2. i positive repd you to show im not a hater like you, and put out those messages again to see if you would hate again... and surely you did... did you get beat up growing up??? do you not have a ballsac and a big wet vagina instead??? I can tell from your attitude your nothing but a little twat.... a little slut who had no self esteem growing up because he used to get bitch slapped by everyone so he has to go and hate on others.... lame fuck you!
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