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  1. Hey, wen u put up da updates, can you mention that I will take over, dat way they know it will continue with 121, thanx man..
  2. Yo, I don't know if u got my pm last time, but I will pretty much take over the pick'ems, just so you know...
    The first Pick'em will be with UFC 121 because we REALLY can't miss that as a Pick'em...k?
  3. Definatly dude, thanks!
  4. want to participate in the WOrld Cup Pickems? pick the teams you think are going to win and post them on the thread...u dont have to say how they win...(penaltys, majority goals at the end of the 90 minute game, or majority goals at the end of the extra time game)..correct pick = 3 points, we add up our points at the end of the world cup..good luck!
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