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  1. Yea I think its pretty dumb when someone does dude once negged me for disagreeing with me and I still didn't neg that person back and kept trying to solidify my opinion.
  2. what i did was i just searched for their last post and negged them back because in my book negging someone for disagree is basically trolling.
  3. want to participate in the WOrld Cup Pickems? pick the teams you think are going to win and post them on the thread...u dont have to say how they win...(penaltys, majority goals at the end of the 90 minute game, or majority goals at the end of the extra time game)..correct pick = 3 points, we add up our points at the end of the world cup..good luck!
  4. Oh na, what happened was that I got confused when that dude said Sam Stout, then I read yo comment and I thought they were the same nickname, but then, this other dude said they were different and then I remembered and he was right..I gave you rep when I thought you were right, but it was cuz your info made sense at the time lol
  5. i couldnt tell if you were being serious with the rep comment lol. i was messed up during the strikfeorce show ended up getting a ton of negs haha
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