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  1. my breakdowns are back hendo vs Shogun is up now
  2. check your rep and then the name thread
  3. Check name thread page 6 FOOL...LOL
  4. Aww man, that message was hilarious! hahaha, y didn't u post it in the thread though? Hows it going btw?
  5. Check rep screen fool
  6. Hey TBone, just chilliin...get in ur picks main!
  7. What up brotha
  8. thnx for BD rep yo! it was cool, decent, dont need nothing really, so no presents...i tihnk my present should be given everyday and that is happiness!
  9. It's all good...I guess I have just been adding up the scores on the pickems, funny cuz right around the same time u rep'd me in the pickems thread, I send Mac the updates for the pickems and congrats bro, u r seriously hulk smashing big time haha
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