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  1. breakdown for BJ v Fitch is up is it going
  2. Fo sho! It's up now. Good luck!

    hulk smash!
  3. hey bro is there a pickem for this weekend. I am stoked for this one Anderson v Vitor Rich v Forrest Jones v Bader cant wait
  4. my new breakdown for Nate v Okami is up if you want to check it out

    Cant wait to beat ya in the pickems this time
  5. everything good there bro
  6. Happy MMANEWS B day bro
  7. Ay! happy late (by 12 minutes) 1 year on mmanews!

    I forgot about me, I signed up on the 12th of last year lol
  8. Yea man I got 742 in my so close!!! lol
  9. Are you close to 750+ yet? You should be getting there, you have been at 500 for a few weeks right
  10. Hey man, Idk if I congratulated you on your Infinite rep Symbol, but Congratulations! i try to post good stuff that will get me some rep that way it goes up wuts up with you man?
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