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  1. How is going bro????
  2. Happy bday man... i will rep 2 times when I can
  3. Yea, I already saw it, thanx...oh and its a pretty good birthday present, (born 19 years ago today)
  4. Sorry below post page 10 not the last one LOL
  5. Check out the awards thread... I got you for one and I owe you some rep should be the last page
  6. Hey bro check out my Anderson v Chael brekdown and let me know what you think
  7. Hmmm..I couldn't get to this page...I was taken to "a0016902"s page...anyways...yea man, everything is kool...cant wait for those MMA shows in San Jose and Oakland...I might see 2 top p4p fighters in a span of months (Fedor and Silva)
  8. Whats up, all is well with you?
  9. Thnx 4 da rep! I usually post threads if they interest me and when no one else has posted the specific thread...
  10. haha....I was thinking of doing the same thing...check my latest post on the wec 47 gif thread
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