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  1. someone has to beat it and i guess i just don't know my own strength
  2. sometimes you dont have to beat it that hard dude.

    For real rest them up and get better.....still funny though
  3. got a bad case of the tennis elbow in both so dr. say no work no wood chopping mo doing shit for seven days to get the swelling down . my elbow's got to the size of grape fruit hurt like fuck lol
  4. I dont know if I want the answer but how the hell did you manage to get both arms in Slings????????? LOL
  5. sup i been off for a few got both my arms in slings and off work for a few more day how u been . ps rep u back when i can
  6. What up read te submission thread and throw your two cents in
  7. Whats up bro
  8. What up man I will rep when I can
  9. LOL the Vitor thread has got good thanks for the backup bro LOL
  10. Check ou tthe Vitor leaving tomplins thread LOL
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