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  1. I thought the moment Mir and Jackson's gameplan went to shit in the first two minutes, when they realized he couldn't kickbox and work the range, they just didn't make adjustments that they needed AKA pull guard. Mir just played into Cormier's game and couldn't stop it, but there were definitely ways he could've adjusted mid-fight and unfortunately for Mir fans, he didn't...
  2. ok Man it is up now...

    The DC/Mir fight was kinda a clinch and hold fight, it let me down a little
    what did you think?
  3. "Fedorlei Was Right" is the traditional sig. Enjoy!
  4. What is my sig bud?
  5. 2 Week Sig Bet on the Cormier/Mir fight. I got Cormier. Best of luck!
  6. Done 2 week sig bet I got Mir

    Just remind mw cause I may forget...not dodging just may forget LOL
  7. Thanks for the rep
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